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Who is Grace?

Grace is a freelance photographer who integrates nature into her photographic work. With a passion for both the natural environment and portraiture, Grace specialises in "well-being photography." Her method combines nature exposure theory, forest bathing, and women's empowerment to promote well-being, positivity, and self-care in her clients. Grace's approach helps her clients feel more confident and connected to nature, fostering a sense of happiness and peace. Within her practice, she finds inspiration in the immersive experience and uses her work to create engaging sessions and art pieces that evoke these positive feelings. Above all, Grace aims to use her craft to educate others about the many benefits of nature and promote its use as a force for good. Grace's dedication and interest in capturing memories has blossomed and this has inspired her to capture other people's memories through the art of photography to create something unforgettable.

Grace would like you to take a moment to explore her portfolio, which includes a combination of commercial work, documentary pieces and publications. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more about Grace and her work.

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