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Wellbeing Photography

Treat yourself to an outdoor wellbeing session and reconnect with your wild side. Sessions can be done in an environment of your choice spanning across the UK but mainly in the North east.


"My wellbeing session gave me a sense of empowerment. I felt Happy and free. The environment we were in relaxed me, and overall I thought the experience was very positive and calming."

Olivia N

"Taking part in the wellbeing session reminded me that I am beautiful and confident. I deserve to have fun everywhere, no matter who is around, and I should surround myself with positive people who make me feel that way. In this session, I could be myself without judgement or nervousness and overall, I loved the experience and the positivity that came with it."

Holly H

"I loved every second of the session! By taking some time away to focus on myself and nature, I have been reminded that life is beautiful and that I am free. Grace helped me ground myself with the environment during the session, and I felt wonderfully refreshed."

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