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‘Nature Exposure’ is a project delving deep into my memories of childhood adventures in nature. I used these experiences as a baseline souvenir to inform a body of photographic works exhibited as part of The Northern Arts Gala at Hartlepool Art Gallery in January 2023. 


The project aimed to reconnect me with the natural world and my memories again as an adult. I did this by using my time in nature as a form of self-care and positive mental health reinforcement inspired by art and nature therapy.  I attempted this through the act of walking and exploring my childhood environments, inspiring me to create new souvenirs by experimenting with journaling, photography, and natural textile creations. 

If you would like to read my accompanying research for this project please click the PDF to the left. This PDF is my research posted in the Perspectives in Art and Design Journal and can be found in the May, 2023 edition at:

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